Days 1 & 2, August 2-3, 2003
Manchester & Liverpool England, Ferry to Dublin, Ireland
3 Aug Dublin and Guinness Brewery, Aughrim - Hynes Pub

Our first street performance. How special!

At the Liverpool docks

Liverpool: We all live in a Yellow Submarine

On the ferry to Ireland, Liverpool in the background

First view of Ireland and sunset

Our favorite spot in Dublin

First (of many ;)

The Liffey River

Sarah at Madigan's pub (her mom's ancestor's name)

At the Hynes hostel/bar in Aughrim, Ireland
Driving Fun!!!

Good advice

Yes, this really was on the road (and it was better advice, too)

Major Irish byway

And how they keep the hedges off the roadway

Every now and then we ran into some obstacles (not literally!)

Saw a lot of these signs

This just made us laugh (and brake!)