Class B, CC, & C rides with Paul Rito  
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I CAN'T MAKE ALL THE RIDES, BUT I'D STILL LIKE TO TRY. CAN I COME ANYWAY? Not a problem. 6-10 weeks of training is good for most people (6 to survive, 10 to thrive), so if you can make at least 50% of the rides, you'll be able to do a century (100km or 100mi). And the maps and cue sheets are posted, so if you miss a ride with the group, you can do it on your own and join in when you can. Even if you don't have any interest in doing a century, you're welcome to come on any of the rides.

I DON'T THINK MY FITNESS LEVEL IS HIGH ENOUGH TO KEEP UP -- SHOULD I COME ANYWAY? Most definitely. The best way to get better and more fit is ride with people who will push you to get better. We are a "no-drop" ride. Really. If you can stick it out, we'll wait while you catch up. With a little work on your own, in a few weeks, you'll be hanging with the group.

I KNOW I CAN'T STAY WITH YOU ON THE LONGER RIDES -- WOULD IT BE OKAY IF I JUST CAME ALONG FOR A PART OF THE RIDE? Come out. Ride as far as you can with us, then make your own way home. Most of the rides have maps and cue sheets. Just print them out and bring them along. Just let the ride leader know that you'll be dropping off and that it's OK not to wait for you. Ride with us -- you will get better.

BUT PAUL, THAT íS A LOT OF RIDING, I DONíT HAVE THE TIME! HOW CAN I DO THIS? Remember, the schedule is a guide. If you can make the training rides, youíll be OK. If you can do the miles in the training weeks, youíll be more than fine. If you can do Ĺ of the rides in this guide, youíll sail through the century. Instead of a 20 mile evening ride on one day, do two ten-mile morning or lunch time rides. Or three five mile rides where you go a little faster. It all contributes to your general fitness and ability to do the longer rides.

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