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RIDE Maps & Cue Sheets
Updated: 4 Apr 2011
I'm no longer updating this section. I now use MapMyRide to plan routes and you can find my routes and many others there. Click on RIDES->SEARCH RIDES and enter the city. You can limit the search by distance and activity type, and after you get the list you can sort by distance or route name and compare routes. My rides are listed under "CentreCoCyclist."
(Adobe Acrobat Reader needed to view some of these rides) Get Acrobat Reader

6, 8 & 12 Mile Loops --  Wheelworks - Branch Rd. 
8 to 35+ Miles   -- A variety of Loops in Penns Valley starting in Spring Mills
20, 15, & 5 Mile Loops  --  Wheelworks - Linden Hall 
20, 15, & 12 Mile Loops  --  Wheelworks - Fairbrook 
27, 18, & 15 Mile Loops (and more)  --  Wheelworks - Bellefonte - Valley View 
32, 18, & 14 Mile Loops  -- Wheelworks - Gatesburg
34, 25, 18 Mile Loops  -- Wheelworks-Circlevile-550-Bernel 
37, 25, & 20 Mile Loops  -- Wheelworks to Centre Hall via Colyer Lake.
44, 32, 18 & 14 Mile Loops -- Wheelworks-Warriors Mark
50, 21, & 12 Mile Loops -- Wheelworks-Georges Valley
55, 46, 42, 28 Mile Loops -- Wheelworks-Huntingdon Furnace
62 Mile Loop -- Wheelworks-Alexandria
64 Mile Loop Magic Mo variation with Black Mo
70, 64, 38, & 37 Mile Loops -- Wheelworks-Millheim
80 Mile Loop Wheelworks-Rock Rd-Arch Springs

MORE RIDES These are web-base ride maps that I'm experimenting with -- no Acrobat required). So far, Bikely is the easiest to use, but they each have their own idiosyncracies. Be sure to check out the cue sheets and elevation profiles by clicking on the "Show" menu.
1.7mi    Innovation Park Bike Path I get a lot of requests for this route.
5.2mi    Land Trust Going Green Tour -- State College Land Trust house tour
12.6mi   SC Bike Paths Loop 1 mostly off-road loop
14.8mi   Rock Road Loop good training loop
15.6mi   Bike to Work Week Wine Tour Visit Mt. Nittany Winery
26.6mi   To Where the Pavement Ends Good training ride. Woods without the gravel.
35.8mi   Gorgeous Georges One of my favorite rides.
39.6mi   Moshannon Loop Conquer the Allegheny Front! (Yes, there's climbing involved.)
42.6mi   Yarnell -- short version A bit of climbing, but not as much as the ride below.
55.5mi   Huntingdon Furnace Low grades, low traffic, good ride.
53.1mi   Purdue/PlsntGap/PennsCave climbing
54.2mi   Howard Divide Variation of Yarnell, but heading towards Beech Creek. Two good climbs.
60.1mi   Eden Hill - Spruce Creek Another great ride with minimal grades
60.1mi   Yarnell-Moshannan Very tough. 100 ft / mi climbing (that's 6,000')
63.2mi   Alexandria Good ole' standard. One big climb over Pine Grove to start.
78.4mi   Arch Springs Loop Great low-grade ride, great views, & caves if you want 'em.

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NOTE: The times on these strip maps are for car travel. Adjust your times for your own speeds accordingly.

R.B. Winter State Park/Mifflinburg Starting at Mt. Nittany Middle School. The ultimate Penn's Valley tour.

Centre Century Figure 8 loop around State College.
Between markers 7 and 8, use Colyer Lake Rd rather than 322. The map software doesn't show Colyer Lake as a through road and used US 322. After turning left onto 322, go about 100 yds and turn right onto Colyer Lake Rd.

Campus2Campus Century University Park to Altoona.

This ride uses back roads with steep rollers between Tyrone and Altoona. Optionally, without increasing or reducing the total distance, you can follow old US 220 between Tyrone and Altoona. It's three lanes with wide shoulders in good condition, and is a straight and relatively flat shot to Altoona. Much more traffic than the side roads, but there is plenty of space on the shoulders to be safe.
Between markers 15 and 16, at DelGrosso park in Tipton, instead of turning right onto Clearfield Ave, stay on Old US 220 to Altoona. In Altoona, turn right onto RT 764 for about 1/4 mile.
Turn right on Greenwood Rd to Sixth Avenue
Turn right onto Sixth Ave and an immediate left onto the 8th Street bridge into Juniata.
Turn left on 5th Avenue.
Turn right on Broadway
Turn right on E. Wopsononock Ave.
Turn left on Wehnwood Rd
Rejoin ride at marker 20.
Also, there is a 2 mile climb at mile 56. The first 1/2 mile is pretty steep, but then eases off and at the top you are rewarded with a 15 mile downhill through beautiful Sinking Valley all the way to Spruce Creek.